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New adult talent agency Invision Models officially opens its doors in Febuary 2024. The agency is headed up by CEO Tiffany Ray and VP of Brand Strategy Kristen Kaye, both industry veterans.

Ray spearheads Invision Models as a licensed and bonded talent manager. Beginning as a performer in 1989, Ray's extensive background spans various facets of the industry, including a notable tenure as a production manager for some of the industry's most renowned directors. 

Kaye brings over two decades of experience in brand strategy to Invision Models. With an extensive background in marketing and business development, Kaye aims to drive impactful results for the agency's clients. 

On the new venture, Ray commented, "I have dedicated decades to nurturing professional relationships with performers, valuing each connection as more than mere transactions—they're the bedrock of trust and mutual respect within this industry. My aspiration is to remain a steadfast ally for these entertainers, offering not just career strategy and overall guidance, but unwavering support throughout every phase of their journey."

Added Kaye, "An agent must embody a multitude of qualities, and Tiffany exemplifies everything from exceptional organization to effective communication. Moreover, we both bring empathy and firsthand understanding of performers' experiences, which we utilize when navigating bookings, contract negotiations, and the myriad of challenges prevalent in this ever-evolving industry. Our empathetic approach enables us to authentically connect with our clients, ensuring that their unique needs and concerns are not only heard but prioritized, empowering us to deliver the personalized support and guidance they rightfully deserve."

Invision Models offers a comprehensive suite of services, including talent management, contract negotiation and career mentorship, aimed at empowering clients to realize their full potential.

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